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Car and motorbike Licences

To drive a car, ride or hire a motorbike in Thailand you must have a current licence.Whilst an international driving permit may do you for a short period stay, the authorities no longer accept a licence from you home country. You must obtain a Thai licence to be legal or risk heavy fines or worse.

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Business Licences

Many businesses in Thailand require a licence or permit to operate, depending on the category of the business. Some of the regulated activities which require specific licenses are tourism, school and childcare, liquor, medical, food and beverage industries. These are regulated by government bodies and can be complex and time-consuming when applying for such permits. 

Business licenses permit companies to conduct certain activities and are issued by the Thai government department or agency. The licenses can be applied for once the company has been registered with the Ministry of Commerce. Here are some of the most common forms of business registrations in Thailand and their related licences:

 Restaurant and bar

Starting a restaurant will require a food licence from the nearest district office. The place where the food and drinks will be sold must be a fixed place of business before the application for the license can be submitted. There will be an inspection of the premises by the government authorities before the approval is granted. Serving liquor will require an additional permit called an “alcohol license” This permit is granted by the local Excise department. There are certain restrictions for the sale of liquor, beer and alcohol in Thailand. These licences must be renewed annually.

Financial services business

Providing financial services through a company in Thailand will require licensing from the Bank of Thailand. Financial services monitored by the Bank of Thailand include commercial banks, finance companies, credit finance companies, pawnshops, asset management companies and e payment channel services. 

 Import/Export Company

An import/export company engaging in import and export activities will require certain business permits depending on the category of goods or products it deals in. If the goods imported are controlled, specific licenses from the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand may be required. This includes importing and often exporting food, medicines and cosmetic products into the Kingdom. Importing electronic devices such as mobile phones will require a permit from the National broadcasting department in Thailand. Normally the company will apply for a customs paperless licence from the customs department in Thailand to be able to import/export goods under the company’s name. 

 Employment Agency

Employment businesses such as headhunting, staffing agencies,  online search companies and employment agencies will require a recruitment license. This licence is issued by the Department of Employment. The company must meet specific requirements in terms of local directorship and shareholding and office space. An inspection of the office premises is required for the approval of the license. The company is also required to report its recruitment activities to the Department of Employment.

 Travel Agency

Travel agencies need to obtain a Tourism license from the Tourism Authority of Thailand before offering tour and travel packages to their customers. The company can only engage in tourism activities with this license. Organizing tours and packages, scheduling and booking accommodation and tickets are strictly prohibited without this license. The license is categorized into inbound, outbound and domestic tourism. The company must have a majority Thai ownership and a local director to sign for the tourism license. 

Education Business

Registering an education business in Thailand requires licensing and approval from the Ministry of education or the Department of Social welfare, depending on the category of education. Before setting up the business, there are key factors that you will need to look into concerning the business premises and legal structure for the company. The first step will be to incorporate the business and a Thai company structure is the most straightforward and quick option to get started.

We can provide help and streamline obtaining the following licences:

  • Food Licence
  • Hotel Licence
  • Alcohol Licence
  • Music Licence
  • FDA Licence
  • Entertainment Licence
  • Construction Licence
  • E-Commerce Licence
  • Factory Licence
  • Recruitment Licence
  • Import/Export Licence
  • Publishing Licence
  • TAT Tourism Licence
  • School Licence

Entertainment Licences in Thailand

Any individual or company intending to establish Entertainment, Restaurant and Bar/Pub businesses in any part of Thailand must secure and apply for the following licences prior to its opening/operations:

A. Food Licence: for the application and issuance of Food License, the establishment of a business who wants to sell food must apply and secure the necessary Food Licence from the Municipality or District where the proposed establishment or business is located.

B. Alcohol and Cigarette Licence: in case the business establishment wants to sell alcohol and cigarette, an Alcohol and Cigarette Licence must also be applied and secured from the Excise Department Office (Branch). However, under Thai regulations, an establishment or a business under Thai regulations is strictly prohibited to sell alcohol near Schools and Religious Areas, and Fuel Stations (Gasoline Stations). Cigarettes are also strictly prohibited in the mentioned areas except for the Gasoline Stations.

C. Entertainment Licence: for those establishments or businesses who want to provide any of the following services:

• Dancing venues
• Entertain clients by employing entertainers
• Massage
• Band equipment for concerts

A person applying for Entertainment Licence shall have the following qualifications:

• Minimum of twenty (20) years old upon applications
• Not being a character defective or lacking in morals
• Not being a person of unsound mind, imperfect or crazy
• Not being a person with an illness related to infectious diseases seen to be objectionable to society, alcoholism, or serious drug addiction.
• Never been convicted of a crime relating to sexual abuse according to the Criminal Code under the law on women, girls and people trafficking, the law on promotion or the distribution and trade of pornographic materials and the law on the promotion of prostitution.

Knowing the right licences and the requirements for each is quite complicated. However, we can take the stress out and make it easy for you so you can spend your valuable time and effort concentrating on the operation of the business.

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