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 Overseas Visas for Thais and other Visas

 Overseas Visas for Thais

For Thai nationals wishing to visit loved ones, family and friends, or on a more permanent basis the Thai passport holds many benefits. Through various agreements such as ASEAN they can now travel visa free to over 70 countries and territories around the world. However many of the more popular destinations in the western world and Asia-Pacifc regions are not included and require Visas.

Countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom and most of Europe have very strict criteria and requirements even for Visitor Tourist visas. These will vary from country to country and very dependent on the reasons for entering and the length of stay required.

It is a minefield and for more permanent stays the criteria can be exhaustive.

 Example: UK Tourist Visa for a Thai.

Inviting your Thai girlfriend or wife to the UK for holidays, meeting family and friends and travelling the country is is a romantic thought, but not without it’s problems. There are many criteria and immigration obstacles that you both need to overcome to to successfully obtain a visitor visa to the UK. Careful planning, good information and thorough preparation are the key.

One important consideration are the circumstances of your girlfriend in Thailand and your relationship with each other. Your girlfriend will have a higher chance of obtaining the visa if she has a stable, conservative employment in Thailand. Coupled with this it will help if she has assets, property, savings account and dependents in Thailand. Assets can be in the form of buildings, vehicles or land. Children and parents/family are considered dependents and are her ties to Thailand which gives her a reson to come back.

If she cannot adequately dmeet these criteria she may have strengthen her case with a UK visitor visa sponsorship, it’s vital to clearly establish your on-going genuine relationship. You can do this by providing as much evidence as you can to show your relationship and commitment to each other. These include photos together, email exchanges, chat transcripts, money transfer receipts, evidence of visits etc. The longer you have known each other, the more convincing your relationship would appear.

You will also need to write an invitation letter detailing how your relationship started and highlights of your relationship. As the sponsor, you need to demonstrate your financial capacity to support your girlfriend.  This includes air tickets, transport, accommodation, food and any plans for travel. You would need to provide bank statements, pay slips, house titles or mortgage agreements and photos of your house. These documents support the sponsorship letter which confirms your desire to sponsor her stay in the UK.

Once everything is prepared and the visa application is submitted to the VFS, it can take several weeks for a decision and once approved your girlfriend will be allowed to stay in the UK for 6 months.

You can attempt to do this yourself however, preparing the visa application and supporting evidence and documentation is no easy task. It is best to enlist the service of a visa specialist to steer and guide you through the application process

Expat Gold can arrange and help you with the following visas:


Australia Fiancé Visa,  Australian Partner Visa,   Australia Visitor Tourist Visa


Belgium Visa


Canada Spouse Visa,   Canada Tourist Visa


Germany Visitor Visa


Italy Visa


Netherlands Visa


Spain Visa


Swiss Visa


UK Visitor Visa  


USA Business Visa,   USA Spouse Visa,   USA Visitor Visa

Other Countries as well.

Non “O” Dependent Child Visa

If you have a Thai child and you are stated as a father on your Child’s birth certificate, you can apply for Non Immigrant O Visa based on having a Thai Child. This can be the case where the Thai wife ahas abandoned the child in the care of her foreign boyfriend or husband. We can help with applying for these.

Non Immigrant “O” Visa Guardian

If your child (Non Thai) is studying in Thailand, You can apply for Non Immigrant O Visa based on Guardian. This visa type can’t be converted from Tourist Visa, this visa must be obtained at Royal Thai Consulate in overseas only.

Documents required for dependent visa.
1. Dependent of spouse or parent working in Thailand
1. Original passport valid not less than 6 months  with a copy of information page(s)
2. Visa application form duly filled out with one 4×6 cm. sized photograph (white / blue background taken within the past 6 months)
3. Original and copy of official marriage certificate (For spouse*)
4. Original and copy of official birth certificate (For children*) 
5. Copy of the spouse’s work permit 
6. Documents required from company in Thailand**
6.1 Letter indicating applicant’s name, passport number and the relationship with company’s employee, requesting for   Non-immigration Type ‘O’ visa.
6.2 Copy of the company’s registration.
6.3 Copy of the company’s list shareholders.
6.4 Copy of the company’s latest balance sheet.
6.5 Copy of the company’s registration of value-added tax (VAT).

 Dependent of spouse or parent possessing Thai nationality

1. Original passport valid not less than 6 months  with a copy of information page(s)
2. Visa application form duly filled out with one 4×6 cm. sized photograph (white / blue background taken within the past 6 months)
3. Original and copy of official marriage certificate (For spouse*).
4. Original and copy of official birth certificate (For children*). 
5. Copy of Thai identity card (of spouse or parent).
6. Copy of Thai House registration (of spouse or parent).
7. Bank Statement with a minimum deposit of 400,000 Bath
* Documents in foreign languages must be translated into Thai or English and should be notarized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs  or applicant’s diplomatic/consular mission
**Company documents shall be certified by authorized director with seal of the company.

BOI Companies and the Smart Visa 

The SMART Visa program has then been designed to enhance Thailand’s attractiveness in drawing science and technology experts, senior executives, investors and startups.

It targets many specific areas of interest and expert professions which include:

  • Technology & Innovation Development
  • Metal Products, Machinery & Transport Equipment
  • Agriculture & Agricultural Products
  • Mining, Ceramics & Basic Metals
  • Light Industry
  • Electronic Industry & Electronic Appliances
  • Chemicals, Paper & Plastics
  • Services & Public Utilities

Setting up a company under BOI program is quite complicated however it has some definite advantages.

What are the BENEFITS of a BOI company?

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Four hour work permit processing at BOI One Stop Service Center in Bangkok
  • The ability to own land even if the company is owned by a majority of foreign shareholders
  • Tax incentives
  • 2 year visa & work permit

Recently the Smart visa added three new categories, with the first for targeted industries, such as alternative dispute resolution, human resource development for science and technology, and renewable energy and environmental management.

The second category is to increase privileges and benefits for smart visa holders, with the cabinet ordering the Immigration Bureau to open a fast-track service for foreigners holding these visas at all international airports.

The third category is to decrease minimum monthly income to 100,000 baht for general experts and 50,000 baht for experts in local startups, while the monthly income from high professionals and executives stands at a minimum of 200,000 baht, though the BOI has changed this to include all income and bonuses.

In addition, the BOI is allowing startups to receive local venture capital and revising startups’ minimum investment from 20 million baht per individual investor to co-investment for multiple investors, while new startups require a minimum investment of 5 million baht.

The smart visa for startups will have three periods — six months, one year and two years — instead of a one-year period with two-year renewals.

As of Last September, there were 1,078 inquiries about the smart visa, but only 37 people applied for one. The government approved 28 smart visas for digital and automation/robotics.

Non-Immigrant Visa Category “IB” (Investment and Business Visa)

is issued to foreign citizens employed to work on  investment projects which are under the auspices of the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI).  Such projects must be involved in or bring benefit to Thailand in the following ways:
– Export-promotion
– Increasing employment
– Utilising local raw materials

– Projects engaging the provinces

– Encouraging technology transfer to Thai nationals
– Not hindering existing domestic businesses


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