‘WandaVision’ episode 8 made a strong new case for keeping Disney+

'WandaVision' episode 8 made a strong new case for keeping Disney+

The penultimate episode of WandaVision finally answered one of the series’ longstanding questions by explaining how the Westview hex came into being. The answer was not Mephisto, the Nexus, or Agatha all along: It was Wanda’s unyielding grief manifesting as pure chaos magic. The moments leading up to that explanation are some of the finest emotional beats in the MCU, which is interesting because almost all of them take place between the events of the franchise’s extant films. 

For the first time, Wanda’s behind-the-scenes pain took precedence over the world-changing events of the Avengers movies and the result is a compelling case for watching every single Wanda Maximoff scene in the MCU all over again. The context of Wanda’s repeated traumas, as shown in episode 8, makes both her and Vision more interesting in retrospect, which is frankly a brilliant move for a media franchise that requires its fans to look forwards and backwards to get the complete story. Read more…

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