Work Permits

 Work Permits

Foreigners who intend to work in Thailand must apply for a work permit before they start working. A work permit is required for every foreigner who engages in work whether or not they receive wages or other benefits.

A Thai work permit will not be issued to the foreigner who does not have a non-immigrant visa. There are certain exceptions to this.

Thai Immigration may consider work permit approval under the following conditions:

  • If you are an expatriate working for a representative office conducting quality control, procurement, or marketing research.
  • If you work for investment consulting, administrative consulting, technical and technology, or periodical internal audit.
  • If you are a Tourism representative who brings in foreigners to travel in Thailand.
  • If you are employed under International financial institutions approved by the Bank of Thailand.
  • If you are in the temporary business of entertainment, religious, social welfare, cultural or sporting without intention to make a profit and paying income tax to the government.
  • If you are working as a contractor on projects with any government bodies or state enterprises.
  • If you work using mostly local raw material as an essential component in the production process or work that can reduce the use of imported raw material.
  • If your work involves supporting the export of Thai products.
  • If you are working to bring in new technology, which Thai people are not capable of, in order to distribute and transfer to Thai people.
  • If you work in an area where there is a shortage of Thai labour.
  • If you can provide a certificate of residence in Thailand.
  • If you are legally married to a Thai, publicly cohabiting as husband and wife, and have a legal profession.

Running a Company or Working for one.

In Thailand, a work permit is issued to an individual with the support of a company for a specific position and job role within that company.

The requirements in getting these documents will depend on your company’s situation and is a complicated process. Expat Gold can ensure that all documents are completed correctly and submitted quickly and efficiently. We work closely with the Immigration and Labour Departments to ensure we get the correct documents for your individual visa and permit application.

The minimum salary requirements – for most Westerners this is either THB 50,000 or THB 60,000 per month. We can advise you more about this.

Registered Company Capital of THB 2 million per employee must be shown in the Company Balance Sheet

The company should employ four Thai Nationals for one Foreign National.

The company paperwork must be up-to-date, including the filing of the Annual Financial Statement which must be audited.

Firstly the Thai company should apply on your behalf for a non-immigrant B visa and work permit. This initial visa and permit is for 3 -6 months, and during that time you apply for the full 12 month visa/work permit


Per foreign employee:

  • 2M THB in registered capital
  • Four Thai employees registered in social fund
  • VAT registration

Other considerations:

  • The individual must have a valid, proper type, non-immigrant type visa to apply
  • A registered physical address for employees is required.
  • Some applications may require proof of educational qualifications


A proper work permit application should contain the following documents provided by the applicant (in English or Thai):

  1. A duly completed application form with the job description, a map showing the location of the workplace and an explanation of why the company is hiring a foreign employee
  2. A valid passport (including a signed copy of all pages) and:
      • for non-permanent residents, a non-immigrant visa
      • for permanent residents, a residence permit and alien book
  3. A current (not more than 6 months) medical certificate from a recognised hospital in Thailand.
  4. Six photographs
  5. A power of attorney or proxy to the person who is filing the application (it other than the applicant himself), including a 10 THB duty stamp
  6. A copy of additional licenses, if required
  7. In case the applicant is married to a Thai national, the following additional documents should be annexed to the request:
      • Marriage certificate
      • Spouse’s identity card and household registration
      • A copy of every page of the applicant’s passport

The application has to be completed with certain corporate documents:

  1. Commercial Registration Department Certificate proving that the company is a registered juristic person, the name of the director(s) and registered capital
  2. Shareholders List
  3. Factory License, if any
  4. VAT Certificate if applicable
  5. Withholding Tax if applicable.


The Thai company hiring a foreigner needs to have the following:

  1. Registered in Thailand
  2. Having applied for a Tax ID and VAT registration if applicable.
  3. Having a minimum paid up capital of 2M THB per foreign employee.
  4. Having four Thai Employees per work permit.

Applying for a work permit can be a complicated process. However, we can make it simple and easy for you so you can spend your time and effort preparing for the operation of the business.

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